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Characteristics and functioning


The Flemish Association of Classics Teachers (in Dutch Vereniging van Leerkrachten Oude Talen, hence the abbreviation VLOT), a non-profit organization, was founded officially on the 1st of February 1996, the day on which its articles of association were published in the supplements to the Belgian law gazette. It is the only association for classics teachers in Flanders.


The primary objective of our association is to bring together secondary education classics teachers across all educational systems. Interested people can also become a member, if they subscribe to the association's objectives and articles.


Our association strives for a diverse board of directors, consisting of members from different educational systems. All members of the association can participate in the annual general assembly with a right to vote. They also have the opportunity to submit for membership of the board of directors, which is elected every three years by the general assembly.


The board of directors meets about every four to five weeks (except in summer holidays). All directors are honorary volunteers, who devote themselves to the association completely free of charge and who do not receive a single allowance for their mandate.





The main objectives of our association are:



These objectives are achieved among other things as follows:



Our association is willing to support every initiative that aims for the interest in and the interests of the classical culture and classics education. It is willing to announce every activity concerning classical languages and culture in its journal free of charge.


In all its activities, our association explicitly works across educational systems.



Cooperation and consultation


Membership of other associations


Our association is a member of Classica Vlaanderen, the umbrella association with representatives of all institutions and organizations who occupy themselves with classics in Flanders (the educational guidance services, higher education institutions, universities, the education inspectorate, former students' associations, cultural associations, etc.).


Exchange with other associations


Our association exchanges the respective journal with:






The membership of our association includes the following advantages:



The membership fee of our association is 15 Euro a year. Whoever pays at least 25 Euro, is a supporting member. Students can enjoy a reduced fee of 5 Euro, on condition they provide our members' administration with a copy of their student's card.




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